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4 decades of Occupation -The arrogance of power and co-existence - the hope for a better common future

We call upon the Governments of the Islamic-Arab World , mainly the Middle Eastern and Maghreb Nations,the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA ), to follow the example set by Egypt, Jordan, and the Arab League to recognize the State of Israel,and engage in Peace negotiations according to United Nations reso. 181/242/338, and the Road-map for Peace.

We call upon all our Arab Muslim and Christian brothers & sisters to abandon the road of constant struggle and work collectively towards a satisfactory, honorable, comprehensive and just peace, which will guarantee Islamic - Arab and Palestinian rights, including return to the homeland and free movement in the region, and also will accept Israel as a Jewish Palestinian State alongside with its sister state of Arab Palestine, with its capital Al Quds.

We call upon the Government and People of Israel to respect Arab rights and to appreciate the acceptance of Israel by the Islamic - Arab Nations into their midst, a goal Israel yearns for since its foundation.

Peace is the only real Security !

This is not an easy decision for either side in the 100 year old struggle and bitter conflict. Enough of the bloodshed ! We deeply regret the loss of lives on all sides

We call upon Israel to improve relations with its Arab Palestinians citizens who hold Israeli citizenship. All are EQUAL and should enjoy equal rights!

Occupation, refugee camps with its terrible lack of decent living conditions, oppression and arrogance of power with its daily trampling of human rights breeds hatred and despair which leads to counter measures and violent outbursts.

The Saudi Peace Initiative, adopted by the League of Arab States,جامعة الدول العربية and the Road-Map to Peace still remain, and must be the basis for further peaceful negotiations between the parties.



The Bagheban, Al Rashid, Al Assad Al Musaalim on behalf of the Bagheban-e Islam ,Governing Authority of the Islamic-Universal Transformation, IslamPeace-IUT - Al Rashidun, ATA'I-ASHA'A
Mukharram 1427 H. - 02/2006

United Palestine Resolution 1-1-27 adopted by the 6th Shurafa Al Rashidun Majlis, Mukharram 1427 H. - Feb 2006 at Granada - Al Andalus - Spain


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